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7 Great Gifts for Visually Impaired People
Holiday gift giving is naturally complicated. Finding a gift for someone wi...
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AutoDrop Is A Real Eye Opener
An eye drop prescription for a newly diagnosed glaucoma was accompanied by ...
eSight Up Close
  Time’s 25 Best Inventions of 2017 includes eSight 3, descri...
Subway tunnel with Motion blur of a city from inside
Accepting A Slower Speed
Adjusting to vision loss always means accepting that some things will be di...
App Happy
Apps are empowering people with visual impairments in ways we could only on...
Blind Man With White Stick On Street
Consider The Long White Cane
Vision loss can elevate feelings of insecurity, on many levels. Activel...
An Introduction to Ophthalmic Edge Patients
Welcome to OE Patients. The Association for Macular Diseases, Inc. has p...
Innovation Drives Inclusion
It’s always good to step outside ourselves and understand what others are...
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Join Us Nov. 9, 2017 At MEETH
Accessibility Resources for People with Visual Impairments   ...
10 MORE Things Siri Will Do If You Ask
Here is the second installment of Siri commands that are useful, whether yo...
VIP Seating Is There For You
A small accommodation can be all it takes to keep us doing the things we lo...
GoGo Grandparent Gets An Uber Without An App
Uber and Lyft are technology companies operating new age transportation net...


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