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Health & Well-Being
Making Adjustments
Voices of Exprience
Event Recap: Give & Take
We learn so much from each other about living with vision loss, and that is...
Senior man smiling while using digital tablet in living room.
iCanConnect Promotes Equal Access
For people, like me, who are living with both significant vision and hearin...
Happy woman wearing glasses giving thumbs up on a yellow background.
The Art Of Adjusting
Change is notoriously difficult, especially when it is unwelcome.  Adjusti...
Couple dancing together in living room
Healthy Aging And Eyes
We develop many habits during the course of our lives, but not until we rea...
Worker with hard hat falling onto concrete floor.
Don't take the fall, prevent it
Falling is unpleasant at any age, for older adults it is downright dangerou...
Close up of a hand taking a key from another hand.
6/6 Give & Take
Join Us June 6, 2019 At MEETH We learn so much from each other about liv...
Amazon app on a smartphone screen.
6/20 Amazon’s Accessibility
Join Us June 20, 2019 At MEETH Like everything else it does, Amazon’s ...
Beautiful purple and pink spring flowers
Spring Cleaning Gives More Than It Takes
There is something about Spring that makes us want to freshen things up.  ...
View of the left side of a black care with Uber sticker.
Your Driver Has Arrived
Ride-sharing apps offer a cash-free convenience, that is often quicker and ...
Ophthalmologist checking patient’s eyes on white background.
A New Doctor, A New Course
As a member of Humana for many years, I have had to change my retina specia...
Man holding blank smartphone with magnifying glass above screen on grassy background.
Using the iPhone Magnifier
You don’t necessarily have to be of a certain age, or have a serious visu...
Museum visitors standing a red walled gallery lined with paintings.
NYC Museums Present A Vivid Picture
Vision loss has a way of making all art appear a little too abstract.  It ...



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