Visually impaired person with white cane crossing city street
Vision loss is an intrusion that we all deal with in our own way. Our
Collections of golden boxes on dark background
Finding the right gift, for someone who has a visual impairment, can be complicated. Great
Desktop computer monitor screen shows message for Software Update
Sometimes fear makes us do foolish things, like not updating the software in our computers.
star speckled Dwarf Galaxy from James Webb Telescope, courtesy NASA and STScI
NASA’s $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope is an epic collaboration of 14 countries, decades
Dorrie and Neil on a tandem ride
A bicycle built for two is a study in coordination. The rider in the front
iPhone showing iOS 16 logo
The Accessibility Settings and features in iPhone are best in class, but not as widely
Coworkers looking at large screen computer
Legal blindness needs not be a career-ending injury. The need for making adjustments at work
Man with headphones listening to audio magazine
As we read online content from magazines today, more and more we encounter the option
Woman with headphones and microphone recording audiobook
Audiobooks are loved by people with reading difficulties and people who like to multitask. They
Close-up of iphone and App Store icon
Clutter is, by its very nature, not a healthy state. Whether it’s a room, or
Older adults practicing Tai Chi exercises to strengthen balance
How is your balance? Can you stand on one leg for 10-seconds? Do you feel
World News graphic icon image
In this post we aim to share reporting from the web that aligns with the



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