Contrast sensitivity declines with age, and is accelerated by eye diseases and disorders. It becomes
Best Mobile Apps for Visually Impaired People
Smartphones are the 21st century’s greatest accessibility device for people with vision loss. Both Apple
Humanware Explore 5, video handheld magnifier, magnifiers instructions on prescription pill container
Simple tasks of everyday living become arduous for people with visual impairments. The challenges include:
Older adult man listens intently to audio magazine
More and more online publications now offer the option to listen to a recording of
Siri icon
How to Ask Siri for Answers Siri is the virtual assistant from Apple, available to
Collections of golden boxes on dark background
Finding the right gift, for someone who has a visual impairment, can be complicated. Great
Gold, silver and white stars on black background
Launched in 2017, the OE Patients online magazine was created to provide an added level
Blue Accessibility Graphic Overlaid on Image of SmartPhone
Updated Mar 29, 2024. The iPhone is quite possibly the most adopted device ever, for
A total solar eclipse will happen on April 8th. It will travel a path that
Hand touching tactile stickers on GE washer
For quite some time now, people with vision loss have gained increasing audible access to
Image shows hand making gesture symbolic of small.
When the thought of doing something different or learning something new is daunting, think small.
Ned Desmond talks with Mike Shebanek of META at Sight Tech Global 2023
It is a great pleasure to attend a world-wide conference dedicated to developments in accessible



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