Image shows newsstand shelves with magazines and newspapers
  It would be completely reasonable to expect that reading the news on a mobile
Image shows abstract of focusing eye
  Loss of focus doesn’t only happen in the eyes, it also happens in the
Gia Pergolini shows gold medal triumph.
Many rise to the challenge of vision loss, but very few break world records and
Image shows hands giving gift.
Finding the right gift, for someone who has a visual impairment, can be complicated.  Great
Image shows man holding eyeglasses that no longer correct his vision impairment.
There is a term related to vision loss that is misunderstood and chronically misinterpreted. Most
Image shows Ford autonomous transport test vehicle in Miami.
One of the dreaded benchmarks for a person with progressive vision loss, is the inability
Multicolored eyes graphic icon.
Volunteerism is alive and well as demonstrated every day in the Be My Eyes app. 
Image shows hands tapping VoiceOver gestures on iPhone.
For people who are visually impaired, learning to use the iPhone’s gesture based screen reader,
Image shows helpful, smiling pharmacist at work.
There’s something about the name “Accessible Pharmacy” that gives you a sense of ease. It
Gray Google Home mini.
  It should come as no surprise that the voice-activated smart speaker is a favorite
Man holding blank smartphone with magnifying glass above screen on grassy background.
You don’t necessarily have to be of a certain age, or have a serious visual
Old friends playing chess
It is often said that vision loss affects your eyes, not your brain. We know



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