Man wearing Eyedaptic glasses playing scrabble with granddaughter
By now we expected smart glasses to be all the rage. They’d be on lots
World News graphic icon image
In this post we aim to share reporting from the web that aligns with the
Woman’s hands typing on Mac keyboard
2023 Letter from the Editor It’s 2023, happy new year. The number boggles my mind,
Woman, with tablet and white headphones, relaxes on dark sofa wile listening to audio magazines.
As we read online content from magazines today, more and more we encounter the option
Hand offering 5-star customer rating
It’s time to take a look back and call out our most popular posts for
A brain lights up when learning
Everyone’s talking about brain health, as well as they should. We are coming through a
Image shows Ford autonomous transport test vehicle in Miami.
One of the dreaded benchmarks for a person with progressive vision loss, is the inability
Older woman looks at mobile phone with dismayed expression.
Scam calls, emails and text messages have significantly increased. They attempt to defraud you by
Visually impaired person with white cane crossing city street
Vision loss is an intrusion that we all deal with in our own way. Our
Collections of golden boxes on dark background
Finding the right gift, for someone who has a visual impairment, can be complicated. Great
Desktop computer monitor screen shows message for Software Update
Sometimes fear makes us do foolish things, like not updating the software in our computers.
star speckled Dwarf Galaxy from James Webb Telescope, courtesy NASA and STScI
NASA’s $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope is an epic collaboration of 14 countries, decades



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