Woman leaning in to see web page on computer.
Accessibility and inclusion go hand in hand. The goal of universal design is to make
Celebratory golden balloons and confetti.
Celebrate OE Patients 5th Anniversary with this special collection of our top 5 hits in
Jacob Smith, legally blind teen skiing on a casual run through the pines in Big Sky, Montana. Image credit cbsnews.com
The 60 Minutes profile on Freeride skier, Jacob Smith, totally consumes your attention. Freeriding means
Man wearing wireless headphones is absorbed in audio content from his smartphone.
The origins of audiobooks can be traced back to 1932 when the American Foundation for
Touch Card notched design for credit, debit and prepaid cards. Image credit: Mastercard
Vision loss and credit cards don’t mix well. It’s hard to tell one card from
Text to speech app
An unknown app named OneStep Reader mysteriously appeared in an iOS app update. It became clear
An iPhone awaiting hands free, Hey Siri voice commands.
The Accessibility Settings and features in iPhone are best in class, but not as widely
Image shows a a red passport in hands.
Planning is pivotal to successfully navigating many of life’s experiences and particularly important when traveling
Reception desk at Elks Children’s Eye Clinic, Image credit John Valls/OHSU
Having low vision will help you see things others will miss. Perhaps most noticeable is
Image of man leaving home with go bag backpack following emergency evacuation.
Extreme weather, and war, have a special way of eroding our, already tenuous, sense of
Spring cleaning image includes blue rubber gloves, vacuum and leafy houseplant.
Sprouting greenery, blooming buds and warming temperatures deliver a clear and hope filled message of
Image shows woman in driver’s seat, with both hands on steering wheel.
Carol YapleCMAJ March 07, 2022 194 (9) E343-E344; DOI: https://doi.org/10.1503/cmaj.211492 The light was changing from amber to red when I turned



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