Woman with headphones and microphone recording audiobook
Audiobooks are loved by people with reading difficulties and people who like to multitask. They
Close-up of iphone and App Store icon
Clutter is, by its very nature, not a healthy state. Whether it’s a room, or
Older adults practicing Tai Chi exercises to strengthen balance
How is your balance? Can you stand on one leg for 10-seconds? Do you feel
World News graphic icon image
In this post we aim to share reporting from the web that aligns with the
Yellow road sign for “Support” with clouds on blue sky in background
With a welcomed emphasis on accessibility and inclusion, numerous companies now offer specialized support services
Hands reaching into organized kitchen drawers.
If you enjoy preparing good food and consuming it, low vision will not bring an
Smiling mature woman stretching after workout
Regular exercise delivers both immediate and long-term benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing. For
Hidden identity of woman on yellow background
Privacy is a topic of increasing concern to everyone, and it should be. In the
You’re Vote Matters is the message attached to U.S. flag
November 8, 2022, Election Day in the USA, is approaching. Election laws and voting regulations vary by state, and some have recently changed in significant ways, so it’s important to check current policy for early and absentee voting where you live. The best way to confirm your registration and mail-in deadlines is to call your local Board of Elections or go to Can I Vote and select your state. Voting with vision loss
Couple happily discover Windows 11 accessibility feature.
Microsoft has been working on accessibility for decades. Its view of inclusion was largely targeted
White on blue Envision app logo image
The Ai-powered smart camera app is a must-have accessory for people with vision loss because
Relaxed woman listening to audio magazine.
As we read online content from magazines today, more and more we encounter the option



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