Image of woman working from home on accessible technologies.
Elevating Accessibility Awareness Everyday
Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is recognized on the ...
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Image of hand holding blocks marked Q&A.
Q&A Update
At OE Patients, we are always fielding questions related ...
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Image Image of social distance line markers. of social distance line markers.
The New, New Normal
Until recently the concept of social distancing, or self ...
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Image of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night
Accessing The Arts In Place
Unlike most of the world, the Internet was well ...
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Older man happily using a tablet.
Learning at Any Age with Vision Loss
In these changing times, embracing technology is essential. We’ve ...
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Closeup Image of Doctor's Eyes in a Surgical Mask
Ophthalmology in a Time of Corona
Social distancing measures are having a positive impact in ...
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8 Things To Do While Distancing
The COVID-19 crisis has taken great liberties with life ...
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Vector illustration of Adult anonymous pixel face
Protecting Your Privacy Online
Privacy is a topic of increasing concern lately, to ...
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Spring 2020: Get Clean & Organized
The first day of Spring 2020 arrived last week ...
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Senior man talking using smartphone voice assistant outdoors.
How Ai Compensates Vision Loss
To appreciate the role artificial intelligence (Ai) is playing in ...
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Man Listening With Headphones
It’s a Good Time to Listen
Hunkered down at home for a few days? Doing your ...
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Electronic Glasses Price Update
We are updating our recap on electronic glasses, because ...
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