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GoGo Grandparent Gets An Uber Without An App

Jul 20, 2018

GoGo Grandparent Gets An Uber Without An App

Uber and Lyft are technology companies operating new-age transportation networks on a global scale. Their names are becoming synonymous with dated terminology like: taxi or cab. They deliver transportation to people where and when they need it. The entire process fully transacted on a  smartphone app.

Naturally, this seems like a perfect fit for the transportation needs of older adults. But according to a study by PEW Research, less than 1% of Uber customers are 65 and older, while about 4 in 10 seniors are using smartphones.

Justin Boogaard was living with his Grandma Betty, after college, when she gave him the idea for GoGo Grandparent. Betty noticed her grandson was taking a lot of Ubers wherever he needed to go. She recognized this could be a great way for her to get around as well and she wanted to get in on the action. One problem: Uber can only be summoned by app, and Betty doesn’t have a smartphone.

A woman smiling while talking on a mobile phone.

A grandmother happy and talking on the phone.

Necessity is, after all, the grandmother of invention. Justin set out to find Betty an easier way to get an Uber, and a startup was born.  GoGo Grandparent takes the app out of the equation as it adds people back in. Less technology and more personal attention open up these transportation services to a significant demographic they would not have otherwise attracted.

With GoGo Grandparent the transaction is conducted by phone, with customer service provided by “Professional Grandchildren.” They order the car, communicate with the driver, and monitor your trip.

There is technically no age requirement, so you don’t actually have to be a Grandparent and you can schedule a ride from any phone you choose. The concierge fee for this service is $0.27 a minute, which means if the ride takes 15 minutes the fee added to your fare is $4.05.

Uber and Lyft cars are notoriously difficult to locate, particularly if you are visually impaired. GoGo Grandparent can help by making the driver aware and by providing the customer with more detailed location information.

A man happy, while talking on a mobile phone.

A Grandfather happy and talking on the phone.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose Uber or Lyft
  • Fare is billed to your credit card by GoGo Grandparent
  • Rides are closely monitored and managed by the Professional Grandchildren
  • Service available 24/7
  • Notifications available to keep family and friends in the loop
  • Schedule rides weeks in advance or on-demand
  • GoGo Gold Client allows you to add Custom Requests for an added fee

Oh, and did we mention, there’s nothing to download.

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Originally published on October 2, 2017 and updated on July 20, 2018.

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