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AAO Video: Technologies for Patients with Low Vision

Mar 23, 2018

AAO Video: Technologies for Patients with Low Vision

In a recent video from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Drs. Mary Lou Jackson and Mark Bona take a brief look at an interesting selection of low vision technology.  Here is the list of products they mention with our summary and comment.  The video is linked at the end of this post.




  • Victor Reader Stream: $369

This was the go-to digital reading device for people with low vision or blindness in the pre-iPhone era.  Still recommended by low vision specialists for it’s simple and tactile interface.




  • Seeing AI App: FREE

This very new and very popular iPhone app from Microsoft is available on the App Store.  It reads text instantly and on the go, identifies products, colors, currency and more.  We talked about the first release and the upgrade on OE Patients posts titled:

Seeing AI is a Gift from Microsoft

Seeing AI Gets an Upgrade




  • Portable Video Magnifier: $200 – $1,000

We agree video magnifiers offer a powerful boost to a wide range of low vision patients.  Read what we say on OE Patients in the post titled: Magnifiers Are A Must




  • eSight: $9,995

A head-mounted video magnification device.  Here’s what we said about it in OE Patients post titled: eSightUp Close




  • Jordy: $3,620

A head-mounted video magnifier recently reintroduced as a lower priced competitor to eSight.  Jordy also converts to a desktop magnifier with the purchase of an optional dock.




  • Aira: $89 – $329 per month

Aira (pronounced I-ra) is a new service, for a monthly fee offers access to a sighted agent, summoned by a tap on the Aira smart glasses and connected by a live video feed.  The agent will provide on the spot detailed guidance when needed.  This is an innovative concept and we are very interested to see how people with low vision take to it.




Click here for the AAO video.


Author: Dorrie Rush


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