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AutoDrop Is A Real Eye Opener

Dec 8, 2017

AutoDrop Is A Real Eye Opener

An eye drop prescription for newly-diagnosed glaucoma was accompanied by a simple, stunning little gizmo that totally resolved the issues that commonly occur when trying to deliver the drops into the eye, and not onto the face.

This clever invention takes the mess and the aggravation out of the self-administration of medication directly into the eye. And it has a companion device that controls the dose. Both the AutoDrop and the AutoSqueeze are products developed in England by Owen Mumford in collaboration with the Royal National Institute for the Blind.

An eye drop guide is something you may have never heard of before today. It is a fascinating solution to a problem that can be annoying and even detrimental. This is one of those discoveries you’ll be sharing with friends.

It’s really not unusual at all to have difficulty self-administering eye drops. The eye naturally blinks as the drop approaches, and it winds up on your eyelid instead of your eyeball. This eye drop guide is designed to override that reflex by holding still the lower lid and drawing the focal point away from the drop as it positions the bottle and steadies the hand for accurate delivery, without waste.

The bottle of drops clips into AutoDrop and can be used with its companion AutoSqueeze to further enhance stability for patients with dexterity issues. The accurate delivery of medicine is essential for successful treatment.

This is not the only eye drop guide on the market, but it does seem to be a favorite. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice on these products. AutoDrop can be found online at Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreens for a retail price in the vicinity of $5. It is easily cleaned and can be used on multiple bottles, or you can give each dropper you use its own guide.

Autodrop Eye Drop Guide (Video)


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