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Amazon’s Easy Buttons

Feb 27, 2017

Amazon’s Easy Buttons

Note: Amazon’s MayDay Button was discontinued in June 2018. Mayday Screen Sharing will continue to be offered on supported devices via free customer support, 24×7 by tapping on the Phone & Email icon or via the Help App on their device home screen.

When it comes to technology there are usually at least two ways you can go — the easy way or the hard way. Most of us naturally prefer the shortcut or the “easy button.”

Reading manuals or tinkering with tech has never been my idea of a good time. The suggestion that I log on to a website to search for answers feels like getting on a bridge to nowhere. My easy button always comes in the human form.

The world is automating and it seemed that customer assistance with live people was being replaced by machines — but I’m pleased to report that help from human beings is trending again, as demonstrated in Accessibility Support Phone Lines.

Amazon’s Kindle has been popular for a long while, and so has their Kindle Support Line (866.321.8851). It is live help from Kindle experts who can fix your settings, answer your questions, and resolve your issues. They can tell you what to do, or they can just do it for you. With your permission, they can access your account and get you what you’re looking for…no sweat.

Kindle Paperwhite e-reader has a 6-inch screen with settings to adjust font size, font style, and background color. There is also a VoiceView Adapter which enables a screen reader for audio output.

Now Amazon has taken live customer support into a new realm –– with the on-screen “Mayday” button. It feels quite appropriate they used “Mayday,” an internationally recognized Call For Help, to name this feature, available on Fire tablets. Touch the button and connect to a screen-sharing tech advisor who will rescue you from, what might feel like, an impending technological disaster. They can save your sanity by walking you through the steps you need to take. They are knowledgeable and patient. They can draw on the screen highlighting where exactly you should be. And, if you prefer they can initiate an action on your behalf.

Mayday tech advisors are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get help with ebooks, audiobooks, movies and TV, music, email, apps, and more.  If you forget something…they’re there to remind you. If you’re lost…they will find you. Don’t panic, hit the easy button.

The Mayday advisor can also get you right to the accessibility settings. Turn on the screen magnifier to make everything bigger. Turn on the screen reader if you want a voice to read the words you can’t see. Learn to turn on text-to-speech and it will read your ebooks to you.

The Fire tablets come in 7, 8, and 10.1-inch screen sizes. They are also, what you might consider, accessible in price, ranging from $50 to $200 depending on the size and features.

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Originally published on Feb 27, 2017 and updated on January 28, 2019.

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About the Author: Dorrie Rush

Dorrie Rush is the Chief Content Officer and Visual Accessibility Expert at Ophthalmic Edge Patients (OE Patients), an online resource, presented by the Association for Macular Diseases, providing practical information and empowering advice for living a full and successful life with vision loss.

She is the former Director of the Grunwald Technology Center and Information Resource Service at Lighthouse International 2001 to 2016. Dorrie is known to have an eccentric view, which is particularly useful in compensating for her central vision loss from Stargardt Disease.



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