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Accessing The Arts In Place

Apr 30, 2020

Accessing The Arts In Place

Unlike most of the world, the Internet was well prepared for a global pandemic. As huge sectors of life shut down, the world wide web expanded to fill in some of the gaps, enabling us to work remotely, educate from a distance, stay connected with loved ones, get food delivered, and visit the doctor via video.

Online it is also possible to continue enjoying culture and the arts through virtual tour and live-stream video. For people with vision loss, streaming live events can assure a seat front and center. Here are just a few of the options, a Google search will reveal an abundance to choose from. Some opportunities are for a limited period while live gatherings are discouraged.

Image of main hall of Musee d'Orsay Paris

Image of main hall of Musee d’Orsay Paris


Social isolation rules have shuttered museums, for the moment, but that doesn’t mean they’ve locked you out. There is practically no limit to the museums and galleries you can visit online. No distancing from the art is required on these tours, so feel free to zoom in and get as close as you want.

The 10 Best Virtual Museum and Art Gallery Tours

12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours

Google Arts & Culture

Image of Cats Production on Broadway

Image of Cats Production on Broadway


Andrew Lloyd Webber is gifting access to his mega-hit musicals, including The Phantom of the Opera and Cats, on Youtube for free during the COVID quarantine.  A new show goes live each Friday at 2pm EST and will be viewable for 48 hours. So get to the theater Saturday night, or see a matinee on Sunday.

The Shows Must Go On

Broadway HD – a streaming service with access to over 300 shows performed on Broadway and London’s West End, like Kinky Boots and 42nd Street, is offering a 7 day trial free. After that the subscription rate is $8.99 a month. Take your front row seat and catch up on all the hit shows you’ve missed. 

Image of Met Opera performance

Image of Met Opera performance


The Metropolitan Opera stage has gone dark for a bit, but do not despair, they’re opening the doors to you digitally. A different encore performance of their most celebrated shows, from the “Live in HD” series, is being streamed for free every evening on

Image of NYC Ballet performance.

Image of NYC Ballet performance.


Through May 29, NYC Ballet presents a digital stream of two ballets each week. The altered spring season schedule includes new podcast episodes and movement classes streamed for all ages. Go ahead, get in touch with your inner-ballerina on

Image of Rock Concert

Image of Rock Concert


Whatever musical genre moves you at any given moment, YouTube is streaming it all. Search by artist, song, band, orchestra or event. Totally up to the individual, be careful though, once you get in it’s hard to get out.

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About the Author: Dorrie Rush

Dorrie Rush is the Chief Content Officer and Visual Accessibility Expert at Ophthalmic Edge Patients (OE Patients), an online resource, presented by the Association for Macular Diseases, providing practical information and empowering advice for living a full and successful life with vision loss.

She is the former Director of the Grunwald Technology Center and Information Resource Service at Lighthouse International 2001 to 2016. Dorrie is known to have an eccentric view, which is particularly useful in compensating for her central vision loss from Stargardt Disease.



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