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Join Us Oct.12, 2017 At MEETH
Join Dorrie Rush from for the second of a series on acce...
Google Mobile App.
Google Wants To Hear From You
It is wonderful to note,that Google appears to be dipping a toe into the ex...
Kindle Gets A Voice
Kindle Gets A Voice
Remember the days when books were printed on paper and text size could not ...
Savvy Seniors Tech Support Resources
A recent Wall Street Journal article, titled “Want To Be Tech Savvy? Do n...
Join Us Sept. 14, 2017 At MEETH
  Join Dorrie Rush from for the first of a ser...
5 Ways To Make Your Computer At Work Easier To Use
Whether you will continue working with progressive vision loss is mostly up...
Full Solar Eclipse Phenomenon Illustration
Beware Of Eclipse Glasses
On August 21 for the first time since 1918, a solar eclipse will darken the...
"Seeing AI" Is A Gift From Microsoft
We love technology that empowers…especially when it gives us back some th...
Unrecognizable young woman in checked shirt hiding her face unde
Improve Your Outlook
Optimism and positivity are inherited traits. Studies show they can also be...
Are You A Dictator?
There is something magical about dictation. Spoken words are rapidly turned...
Close-up View Of African Man’s Hands Holding Plastic Credit Card
6 Ways To Make Bill Paying Easier On The Eyes
Paying bills can be an unpleasant experience on many levels. Adding vision ...
Magnifiers Are A Must
For most people of a ‘certain age’ magnifiers are an important accessor...

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